Rest in a camp site of "Barsukovo"

People, living in the city, often dream of escaping city noise, rush hours and traffic jams, and going to quiet places where they could breathe really clean air and feel themselves a part of nature. We could offer you to spend your vacation just in such a place – BARSUKOVO Tourist Centre, located 400 kilometres away from Moscow. 

Routes on quadricycles and tourist's campaigns to a source of Volga

The Tourist Centre is advantageously located at the shore of Lake Vselug, one of the most beautiful lakes of Seliger region, far away from any city, town or even village. Here you could enjoy as much as you like the beauty of primeval forest, quiet water surface of the lake, stunning dawns and sunsets, morning mist on the water, evening cicada songs and crackling of wood in the campfire. For those who prefer more active recreation, we offer entertaining routes on quadricycles that take you along lake shores and through forests, as well as a long camping trip to the head of Volga river, where you could enjoy the view of two beautiful churches in the village of Volgoverkhovie – five-domed Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi cathedral in old Russian style and one-domed wooden St. Nicolas cathedral. This abundant land is considered to be the most ecologically clean part of Europe.

Water routes on lake on a boat and hydrocycles

Our guests also could hire motorboats or Jet Skis for rides on the lake or to go fishing. If you haven't got necessary fishing equipment, you could hire everything necessary for fishing at the Barsukovo Tourist Centre. Lake Vselug abounds in zander, pike, bream, roach, ide, perch, there you also could catch burbot, asp and tench. 

The real hunt

One of the features of Barsukovo Tourist Centre is its hunting facilities. Here we have everything necessary for excellent hunting. In particular, our guests could use a hunting lodge with two rooms, where they could be accommodated, prepare their equipment and get ready for hunting. Experienced gamekeepers will help with your equipment and give you advice on where, how and what to hunt. Nearby forests abound in bears, elks, wild boars, hares and foxes, there are also beavers, lynxes and a lot of wild fowls – woodcocks, hazel grouse, black grouse, wood grouse, ducks and sandpipers. There are no other places in the Central European part of Russia where hunting is so good and so diverse.

Mushroom routes

Those enjoying gathering wild berries and mushrooms also will like Barsukovo Tourist Centre, since the forest that surrounds the centre on all sides is full of these gifts of nature. During forest camping trips you could enjoy clean air and see many beautiful views that after returning to the city you would later recall many times. Is it possible to feel fresh lake breeze, hear rustling in forest leaves and wind in the tops of high pine trees in a busy city? At Barsukovo Fishing and Hunting Centre you could hear birds singing from dawn till dusk. Cristal clear air here helps to get rid very quickly of all indispositions caused by stifling city atmosphere. Our Tourist Centre gives you a unique opportunity to become immersed in the world of adventure and freedom.


BARSUKOVO Fishing and Hunting Centre include a mini hotel and two-storey cottage where you could enjoy home comfort. And, of course, to make recreation complete Russian bath is necessary! After a fishing trip or hunting in winter forest or after a long ride on Jet Ski in summer or snowmobile in winter it is very pleasant to get warm in Russian bath until your body sweats, feeling as if you were reborn! After Russian bath at our centre you could enjoy a cup of fragrant tea. We have a bath-house near the cottage and another one near the hunting lodge.

On the ground floor of the mini hotel there is a Russian restaurant where guests could enjoy delicious dishes of Russian cuisine. Pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut, crispy pickles, dishes cooked from fresh fish and game, and why not drink a couple of shots of vodka with friends! Here’s to fishing! Here’s to hunting! Here’s to life! 

So leave noisy cities, take with you your friends and family, and come to our centre for vacations!