Quadricycle routes

Unique performance characteristics of modern vehicles make it possible to travel without any problems practically on any road or without any road at all. We offer many various interesting routes, only a wish for a taste of extra adrenaline and the extreme is needed.

Quadricycles as a type of motor vehicle appeared relatively recently. They were invented by the Japanese, of course. Modern quadricycle without problems goes where the toughest SUV couldn't move even several metres. Deep ruts, large stones and boulders, sand, mud, waist-deep swamps, river fords, ice, snow, brushes, young forest – it goes everywhere, even where it’s hard to move around on feet.

If you learned to drive a quadricycle - even a little – you could feel the stunning freedom of movement. This vehicle is very much appreciated by all real travellers.

Now you could easily access places hardly ever trodden by man, travelling scores of kilometres through forests, swamps, streams, hills and plains. It just takes one's breath away! Quadricycle is a unique vehicle with fantastic rough-terrain performance that could be ridden in any weather. Just one look at a quadricycle, and it’s very difficult not to try driving it.

Barsukovo Fishing and Hunting Centre offer several quadricycle routs of various distance and difficulty. The season for quadricycle rides opens on April 1 and continues until November 30.

You could see stunning views of Verkhnevolzhie Lakes, forest wilderness, endless meadows, a lot of very interesting historical sites, including the head of Volga River, wooden church in Shirkovo, age-old settlements on lake shores, sites of fierce World
War II fighting and much more. Only a wish to travel and following safety rules are necessary for this.

Have a good journey with a lot of impressions!