Berries and mushrooms routes

Sometimes berries and mushrooms gathering is called ‘silent hunting’ - and rightly so! One feels almost the same excitement as a hunter on a real hunt. Look, there under the bows of the fir tree cep mushrooms are hiding! And here are orange-cap boletus mushrooms. And what’s here in this green moss? It’s a brown-cap boletus mushroom. And who could gather the largest number of mushrooms today? There are so many, it’s impossible to stop until the basket is full! And in winter you could taste pickled mushrooms that you gathered yourself and recall summer days and the beauty of Russian forest.

And how one could pass by bright lingonberries or cranberries without picking them up? So if you like to gather
berries and mushrooms, come and stay at Barsukovo Fishing and Hunting Centre with your whole family.

In nearby forests there is a great abundance of various mushrooms. You could gather them in spring, summer and autumn. And there are plenty of bilberries, lingonberries and wild strawberries in summer, and many cranberries in autumn.

The season for gathering mushrooms and berries is from July to September. You could gather them in the vicinity of our centre, if you afraid to get lost further away in the woods.
And if you wish to go gathering mushrooms or berries in the wilderness hardly ever trodden by man, we could offer you special transport and guide services.

When gathering mushrooms, it's important to remember the following basic rules:

    • Gather only those mushrooms that are well known to you.
    • Never taste raw mushrooms.
    • Do not let children gather mushrooms themselves, or carefully check what they have gathered.
    • Do not gather old, overgrown, mouldy, worm-eaten or broken mushrooms.
    • All mushrooms must be thoroughly rinsed and well cooked.
    • Do not use for cooking anything broth left after boiling mushrooms, since it could contain a lot of harmful substances.

      Have a good ‘silent hunting’!