Boat pleasure trips

Lake Vselug is a part of the collection of Verkhne-Volzhskie Lakes spanning in total over 100 km. Here one could see many stunning views, feel lake breeze and hear the sound of waves. We offer very interesting boat pleasure trips on a comfortable six-seat motorboat.

You will have an opportunity to choose your own deserted bay with a sand beach and enjoy swimming to your heart’s content in warm and clean water. Or to have a picnic on lake shore, eat freshly cooked fish soup made from fish that was just caught, and sit near a campfire, seeing that life is beautiful and forgetting all problems and worries of city life. Or to go around at full sped on a powerful Jet Ski with water spray as much as you like.

For those who like boat pleasure trips Barsukovo Fishing and Hunting Center offer routes covering all Verkhne-Volzhskie Lakes. Our guests could travel to the head of Volga, the largest river in Europe, go to see examples of traditional Russian church architecture at Zosima and Savatiy Island, or go rafting on the lake and Runa River along forest-covered shores.

We invite to stay with us and to enjoy stunning views of Verkhne-Volzhskie Lakes (one of the most ecologically clean parts of Europe, where the air is crystal clear) all those who like boat trips and rides on Jet Skis.

Amazing impressions are the most precious things we could have, because they stay with us for the rest of our lives!