At Barsukovo Tourist Centre you could fish on Lake Vselug, 516 hectares of water surface in total. On request you also could go fishing to other forest lakes, but it requires additional payment for transportation and guide services.

For fishing we offer you motor boats with echo-sounders and navigation systems in summer and snowmobiles with sledges in winter. Using them you could find the best places for fishing and to enjoy stunning lake and river views.

Our experienced gamekeepers will help you to learn all subtleties of fishing. We also have a small fishing shop and offer fishing equipment for hire.
Lake Vselug is famous for its abundance of zander, pike, bream, roach, ide, perch, there are also burbots, asps and tenches. 

Thanks to its high flow rate, cleanness of water and good feeding resources, Lake Vselug is rightly known to be one of the most abundant in various species of fish in the Central European part of Russia.

On Lake Vselug you will have all opportunities not for just good fishing, but for getting excellent fishing trophies. Zanders weighing 5-7 kg, pikes over 10 kg, large breams, hefty asps, fat humped perches are quite common in our lake.

Please remember that during spawning season from April 15 to June 10 all types of fishing are forbidden, except for shore fishing with a fishing rod.

Outside this time period fishermen using all kinds of fishing techniques could be sure to have excellent catches on Lake Vselug.

Here you could have various types of environment for fishing – grassy creeks where tributaries flow into the lake, deep waterholes, water edges and reaches, places with underwater snags or with stone ledges and others.

Особые условия.

- Аренда моторной лодки ДМБ 480-ДК предоставляется только для проживающих в коттедже.
- Права ГИМС обязательны для всех мот.лодок.
- Техника предоставляется только проживающим на базе и используется только для рыбалки

Без прав прокат мот.лодки разрешен только в сопровождении егеря. Егерьские услуги оплачивается отдельно, в соответствии с прайс-листом.