Russian bath-house

In the culture of many nations water symbolises cleansing. In the times of old Russia people saw a greater and mystical meaning in simple washing - they thought that water not just washes the body but at the same time cleanses the soul, freeing it of everything that is unnecessary and superficial. People in present-day Russian enjoy the Russian steam bath just the same – nothing takes away tiredness and stress, helps to forget everyday worries and to relax like the Russian bath.

Our recreation centre has a real Russian bath-house, located near the cottage. It has a steam room with wide aspen wood benches, pleasant lighting, birch, oak or fir brooms and essences, used during washing, and a shower. In winter you could dive into snow just from the steam room – this is a traditional procedure for the Russian bath! After the bath you could relax before television set and have a cup of fragrant tea.

Have a nice bath!