Snowmobile winter routes

In winter we offer fascinating trips on snowmobiles over vast frozen Verkhnevolzhskie Lakes, through forest paths under centuries-old fir trees and over white plains covered in snow.

Unique landscapes of this region look just if they were specially created for travelling. Stunning views, primeval forests, endless meadows, sparkling snow, diverse terrain and crystal clear air - the cleanest in Europe!

Barsukovo Fishing and Hunting Centre offer several snowmobile routs of various distance, intensity and difficulty. Both extreme sports enthusiasts and common tourists will enjoy very much trips on snowmobiles. The season for snowmobiles trips opens on November 30 and lasts until March 31. Our guests use Yamaha Viking 540 snowmobiles, famous for their ruggedness and reliability.

Modern snowmobiles could be driven at very high speeds, so it is important not to forget about the safety rules. In this case you will always safely return from your trip, even if it was your first snowmobile ride.

And after a nice Russian bath you could discuss your impressions of the day with your friends, and may be have a couple of shots of vodka with them.